Commercial Services

In order to protect the good health and comfort of your employees and customers, it is necessary and essential that you provide them a clean and tidy workplace.

At Cleaning Services C, our sole aim and goal is to provide our cherished clients incredibly efficient, reliable and thoroughly all-encompassing janitorial services. We make it our business to ensure that your commercial outlet or corporate venue is spotless clean, and devoid of all dirt, infections, bacteria and harmful substances.


In addition to regular comprehensive cleaning packages our we also provide these specialty services:

Initial Clean:

If the building you are planning on buying has not been cleaned or occupied for quite some time, it will be covered with dust and soil because its cleaning and upkeep must have been largely neglected, and before you decide to get any repairs or installations done, it is important that you pay attention to its cleaning needs. With our efficient, high quality initial clean plan, we assist you in cleaning your premises or corporate venue with thorough and meticulous attention to detail. 


Emergency/Event Cleaning:

If you need to hold a corporate meeting, a party, a celebration, training workshops, conventions, charity events, exhibitions for your clients or absolutely anything that calls for more efficient and thorough than regular cleaning of your premises, we are at your service with our reliable, efficient and effective janitorial services.

We provide both, before and after the event cleaning services, so our janitorial experts will be there to clean and scrub your corporate venue to make it presentable and spotless clean for your guests, and after they have all departed, we will stay back and make sure that all the trash lying around has been efficiently disposed, your carpets cleaned and vacuumed, your tables re-arranged and tidied and all other cleaning services to restore your premises and make it clean for another regular day at work.